A to Y of The Top Welsh Surnames

The first name to appear in the surname titles will be the main surname under question. Next to it and to it’s right will be the variations or original source of that name in the order of it’s development / adaptation. If the name was originally a native Welsh language name, the adapted English language equivalent will appear to it’s right. If the name is an adapted name not originally native to Wales, if it has one then it’s adapted Welsh language equivalent will appear to it’s right. The details and background information about the surname will then appear below these titles.

In the case of some names such as Morgan, Rhys or Arthur, these were original names which are still used and effectively haven’t changed so remain as they are here (with the later variations of Rhys, such as Rees being treated as separate name titles).For a more detailed explanation of the 4 main types of welsh surnames categories see the background and history link.