Parry : Ap Harry / Ap Harri [buy tshirt]

Formed from an abbreviated and shortened Ap Harry / Ap Harri which became Parry / Parri over time.

Famous people with the Welsh surname Parry include:

Malcolm Parry – A Welsh architect, professor emeritus, and popular broadcaster.

Bruce Parry – Bruce Parry is a former Royal Marine instructor who is now a TV presenter and adventurer.

Joseph Parry (21 May 1841 – 17 February 1903) – a Welsh composer and musician best known for the incredible song ‘Myfanwy’ and also for ‘Aberystwyth’ which became ‘Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika’ – the pan-African liberation anthem and official national anthem of Zambia, Tanzania and a part of the joint national anthem of South Africa.


Phillips [buy tshirt]

Phillips was the name of several early Saints and is derived from the Greek Philippos ‘lover of horses’ . It was imported as a first name into Wales ,especially south Wales and became quite popular from the 15th century onwards, eventually becoming a surname under the Welsh patronymic system. Subtle variations on its spelling occurred overtime such as Philip, Philipp and Phillipp but the standardised Welsh form now seems settled with Phillips.

Famous people with the Welsh surname Phillips include:

Siân Phillips – Film and theatre actress.


Pierce : Pearse / Piers / Pyrs / Pirs / Pearson [buy tshirt]

Piers was the usual form of the first name Peter in Norman French England which led to a number of other surnames like Pearce, Pearson and Pierce. The Welsh variant of Piers was Pirs / Pyrs which became first names in Wales as well as Pierce, which thus became a patronymic Welsh surname.

Famous people with the Welsh surname Pierce include:

Franklin Pierce – 14th President of the United States of America.


Powell : Ap Howell / Ap Hywel [buy tshirt]

Comes from the abbreviated form of Ap Hywel (son of Hywel) to a shortened Powell.

Famous people with the Welsh surname Powell include:

Dilys Powell – One of Britain’s most renowned 20th century film critics.

Colin Powell – United States Secretary of State and army general. He was the first African American appointed to that position. Powell also served as National Security Advisor, as Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command and as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff . Powell has been criticised for many of his military involvements but is also often praised as an individual for his intelligence and moderacy.


Price : Pryce / Ap Rice / Rice / Preece / Ap Rhys / Rhys [buy tshirt]

Price / Pryce comes from the surname ap Rice which comes from Rice / Rees, which in turn originally come from the Welsh royalty name of Rhys.

Famous people with the Welsh surname Price include:

Richard Price (1723 – 1791) – A Welsh moral political philosopher and preacher who was active in radical and republican causes such as the American revolution. Price had close connections and influence on a large number of people including many of the writers of constitution of the United States, as well as Britain’s main politicians such as prime minister William Pitt. He was visited and consulted by a number of the founding fathers of the United States such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Pain. as well as the future president John Adams.

Katie Price aka Jordan – Model, reality television celebrity and business woman .

Jonathon Pryce – Welsh stage and film actor who has starred in numerous films such as ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

William Price – William Price was a Welsh physician who achieved notoriety for his support of Welsh nationalism, Chartism and his involvement with the Neo Druidic religious movement. He has been recognised as one of the most significant figures in 19th century Welsh history, as well as being one of the most unusual in Victorian Britain.

Dame Margaret Berenice Price, DBE – A Welsh soprano singer.

Sir William Henry Preece – Preece was a Welsh electrical engineer and inventor from Caernarfon, Wales who relied on experiments and physical reasoning in his work. He developed several improvements in railroad signaling system that increased railway safety and succeeded in being the first to transmit and receive Morse radio signals in 1889 over a distance of a mile across water.

Preece also developed a wireless telegraphy and telephony system in 1892 and was successful in implementing the telephone system in Britain. A similar telephone system was patented in the United States by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. In 1885, Preece also discovered radio induction.

George Price – George Price was an American population geneticist who made three important contributions: first, rederiving W.D. Hamilton’s work on kin selection with a new Price equation; second, introducing (with John Maynard Smith) the concept of the evolutionarily stable strategy (ESS), a central concept in game theory; and third, formalising Fisher’s fundamental theorem of natural selection. These are precursors to the Selfish Gene theory later explored by Richard Dawkins. After giving all his possessions to the poor and homeless, Price committed suicide.



Pritchard : Ap Richard / Ap Rhisiart / Rhisiart / Richards [buy tshirt]

Comes from Ap Richard (son of Richard) which creates the abbreviated Pritchard surname. It is also sometimes used as a first name. Other variants include Prickett, Pritchett and Uprichard.

Famous people with the Welsh surname Pritchard include:

Mathew Pryderi Pritchard – A professional skateboarder and one quarter of the Dirty Sanchez crew.


Pugh : Pughe / Puw / Ap Hugh/ Hugh / Ap Huw / Huw [buy tshirt]

Puw, Pugh and its variant Pughe comes from ap Huw which in itself comes from the first name Huw.

Famous people with the Welsh surname Puw / Pugh include:

Tammy Wynette (real name Virginia Wynette Pugh) – An American country music singer songwriter and one of country music’s best known artists and biggest selling female vocalists, she is known as the first lady of country music.